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365 Project: A daily dose of KevenJacobs

This was what I wore to work today! Black top, black skinnies, and black wedges. But I wanted to showcase my accessories. I wore my teal necklace I bought from American Eagle (they have a lot of cute jewelry, by the way!!), my new (shhhh!) bracelets from Target, and a black belt to spice things up a bit!


Website Wednesdays: Free People

Hey there blog world!

I have been working on a new idea for a more regular upkeep on the blog. On Wednesdays (hopefully every Wednesday) I plan on posting an online store where I like to browse through new styles, and tease myself with clothes I cannot afford to buy.

I’m going to share these with you, so that you too can look through some of my favorite websites, and buy, or drool over their clothing!

You’re welcome 🙂

Today I’m going to start with Free People. I LOVE this brand, and their style of clothes. But they are BEYOND expensive. Sometimes I’ll browse through the sale rack at Macy’s and find a deal, but normally, you’re lookin’ at forkin’ over an arm and a leg. But who says a girl can’t look???

$28.00 @ Free People

We all know by now that I LOVE feathers, and feather clips. I would wear them every day if I didn’t feel like I permanently had a bird in my hair. This is a teeny bit expensive, but hey, what the hell.

$38.00 @ Free People

Their jewelry is always soooo unique, I just wish I had the money to pay for a $40.00 bracelet. I love the color pink…. mmmm.

$68.00 @ Free People

Normally, I try to stick with shorter hemlines, because I’m not the tallest girl ever. But I love that this is asymmetrical, and the one lace sleeve. ❤ ❤ ❤

$68.00 @ Free People

I love these shorts. Now it is beyond me why we pay for denim that looks like you’ve owned it for years, but I guess that’s the style?? I love denim shorts in summer time; I rock them on the daily.

$78.00 @ Free People

LOVE this top! Green is one of my best colors, with my dark hair. It totally brings out my eyes, and I love the tie in the shirt. Cute cute cute

$88.00 @ Free People

MORE TEAL! Obviously I can’t get enough. And I always love lace. OOhhhhh. Love this top.

$38.00 @ Free People

AH this bracelet is to DIE for. I’m not usually big on bracelets ’cause I find that they always get in my way, and I have the world’s smallest wrists, so they fall off all the time. But I adore this one!

So there’s a little taste of one of my favorite sites, Free People. Check it out, loves!

$pending $aturdy$

Okay. Lemme just telll you.. Having Saturdays off, is probably the best thing ever. Except for one thing….. It’s also the day after pay day. Which means it’s time to SPEND.


Let’s recap the last two Saturdays, (by the way, where the HECK did September go!??):

Saturday, September 24th, 2011:

I wanted to see a very close friend, Mara Ray. We decided to hit our favorite spot, Forever21. We’ve been going there for….welll forever. No pun intended. (;

I was a little hesitant at first… considering this place is probably the biggest reason for my shopping addiction… but I sure do love Forever21. For as long as I can remember, Mara and I have taken regular trips there. We used to go on a weekly basis. Favorite store ever.

So anyway… since I was so nervous, being that I hadn’t been there in so long (which would be basically torturing myself, considering I had to break my ridiculous bad habits)(ranting…), I made a promise to myself that I could not spend ANY money, except for on a Mango Chill smoothie from the cafe at Nordstrom… another of mine and Mara’s traditions. This was partially because I had pretty much no money from my paycheck that had I had only gotten a week before (….uh yeah). Ugh. And partially because I wanted to test my strength. See if I could actually go into Forever21, and NOT buy anything.

Side story: One time, I was on one of my weekly visits to Forever21, spending way too much money, for absolutely no reason. Probably charged to my credit card. Anyway, When I was at the register, the guy who rang me out, looked at my credit card, looked back and me and said “Keven? I recognize that name.. You come in here a lot, don’t you?” … Are you SERIOUS? You come in here so much, that they recognize the name on your credit card. Wow.

Back to Saturday… We walked in, and I fell in love all over again. We took our usual route, and circled the store. I loved so many things, and got tons of ideas for fall, but I didn’t pick anything up. I decided to not try anything on, because I knew I couldn’t buy it. And the weird thing is… I didn’t stress about it. I think I’m making some progress here!!

So here’s kind of a list of things I like for Fall, from Forever21:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This outfit was inspired by a picture of Jennifer Aniston, that I can’t find ANYWHERE, of course. But it’s adorable nonetheless.

And a few more things on my list for Fall from Forever21:

$7.80 @ Forever21

$2.80 @ Forever21

$2.80 @ Forever21

I love tights and socks for fall. It’s a great way to accessorize, and show off your legs, and keeps them warm! Excited to try this out!

$9.50 @ Forever21

$10.80 @ Forever21

Scarves are another accessory I LOVE for fall. I usually layer basic tops, and jackets, and mix and match with different bottoms, and then change it up with scarves.

$19.80 @ Forever21

$29.80 @ Forever21

Sweaters are great for winter in AZ, because it’s too warm to wear heavy jackets. I like to buy neutral colors, so that I can mix and match. And let’s face it, I pretty much always wear black, gray and white anyway.

$27.80 @ Forever21

$29.80 @ Forever21

I also love both of the above jackets; I’ve been wanting a denim one for so long, but I wanted it to be cropped, because I like the look of that better than a full length. FOUND IT!

I was so proud of myself for not spending any money! I’m glad I went, it felt good to be back “home” AKA the mall… and also was stress free, because I wasn’t spending money I knew I didn’t have.

Since it’s still triple digits most days here in AZ until mid October (ridiculous) it was completely irrational to buy anything, because I can’t wear it for another few weeks. But like I said, I got some great ideas!

Friday, September 30th, 2011:

Obviously, Friday does not equal Saturday, but since Friday was pay day, and I had plans with my coworker/work bestie, Joelle, I decided I had to have a new outfit for the night. Plus I was overdue to get my nails done.

I spent around $50, and bought the following items:

Red nail polish (for my toes), “Pink Slip” by Sally Hansen for my manicure, a gray top, and my perfume, “Go Couture Yourself” by Juicy.

And this was the finished product:

Saturday, October 1st, 2011:

I technically didn’t spend any money on Saturday. Just relaxed, and ran a few errands with my mom. I also tried out the news print nails, and they turned out GREAT:

Funny story: I had decided that since I had to work early the following morning, that I was going to stay in and get homework done, and possibly blog a bit. Joelle had texted me to ask if I wanted to go out with her, her boyfriend, and their friend. I politely decline, fully intending to actually finish my homework…

I went to my friend Jeremy’s apartment, because it’s a quiet place to work, with limited distractions. Or so I thought. Apparently, my guy friends, Jeremy, Pete and DJ decided they wanted to stop by our friend Delaney’s party. I was inclined to say yes, but I assured them that I wasn’t staying long.

We headed to Delaney’s and after hanging out in the basement for a bit, I decided to go outside and get some air, because it was a thousand degrees, from so many people being down in the basement. I made my way upstairs, and the first person I saw wassss…Joelle’s boyfriend. Uh oh. Caught up. Being a liar, and a horrible friend. Sorry again Joelle, but it definitely makes for a funny story. And seeing her, made my night!

My outfit for the night:

My newspaper print nails!

(Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good pictures, so this was an idea of what I wore).

So that’s been my past two weekends, and GUESS WHAT! I’m off again next Saturday, YESSS.

Summertime Style

So, since you’re reading about things in my life that are so personal, I thought you should see firsthand what my style looks like. I set up a shoot with a friend, Jillian, to show off my personal style.

If I had to describe it, I’d say, for the most part, I’m a pretty casual girl. ESPECIALLY in the middle of Arizona’s summers. When it’s 115 degrees outside, I don’t care too much for packin on the layers. I keep it simple with tank tops and denim shorts. Most of the time I’m also rockin’ flip flops or my Converse.

Courtesy of Jillian Bratcher

This is a perfect example of my every day outfit.


$30.00 @ Sole and Blues

$20.00 @ Hollister

$5.80 @ Forever21

This next outfit is also very typical for my summer style.  More denim shorts, and yet another tank. This is something I’d wear on a summer night, to a party, or just to hang out with the boys (on a typical summer night, you’d find me kickin’ it with some of my best friends, most of which are guys).

Courtesy of Jillian Bratcher

Courtest of Jillian BratcherCourtesy of Jillian Bratcher

Courtesy of Jillian Bratcher

Notice the nail color; it’s the new one I bought, “Turned Up Turquoise” by OPI.


$30.00 @ Swell

$44.50 @ Hollister

$17.50 @ American Eagle

By the way, I love stacked bracelets and rings; I’m not a huge accessories person, but I love the look of it. I find a lot of cute accessories at American Eagle. Their jewelry is to die for!

My nextttt outfit, is my summer sun dress. This is when I feel like dressing it up a bit, but still casual enough for comfort!

Courtesy of Jillian Bratcher


$17.99 @ Target

$19.80 @ Forever21

Uhm, I’m in love with that dress from Forever21. The tribal print is adorable, and honestly, I like it better than the one I’m wearing! What the heck? I might have to make it mine.

And last but not leastttt, my night out attire! This is what I originally intended to wear as my birthday dress, however, my birthday this year was freezing cold and rainy, so this was not the outfit I wore.

Courtesy of Jillian Bratcher

Courtesy of Jillian Bratcher


$7.80 @ Forever21

$23.00 @ Yesstyle

$198.00 @ Nordstrom

$88.95 @ Nordstrom

So these are my summer looks! The pictures were done by Jillian Bratcher. See more of her work @ Jillian Bratcher Photography. My hair was cut and colored by my best friend Jennifer Swarts.

Nail craze and mall days

Still counting down for pay day (Friday, please hurry the heck up!!), and I got my nails done yesterday. Smart, I know. But it was $17 for a fill, and my nails definitely needed it, and so did my stress level. I’m really diggin’ the whole one nail a different color trend; I was inspired by my best friend. I used a pink from OPI called “Elephantastic Pink,” and my ring finger on both hands is black. Back in the comfort zoneee. Loved the turquoise, but mannnnn, it was bright!

Elephantastic Pink by OPI

Today, I woke up super stressed. Went to school, had a test in my second class. After class, my best friend asked me to join her in taking her extremely old dog to the vet. I agreed, even though that vet’s office smells like wet dog. Gross. I met a puppy named Sugar; she was a German Shepard. She was THE coolest dog. I decided I’m going to own one. But that’s beside the point.

After leaving the vet, the smart thing to do would have been to go to the gym. Right?… Not my thought process. However, for once, it wasn’t MY idea to go to the mall. Jenn had mentioned she wanted to go to the mall, and I felt I’ve done a very good job lately exercising self control. AKA I haven’t stepped foot inside Forever21, or any store in the mall really, because I know I can’t do the damage I want to. It’s all about that forward progress. So I told her I’d join her. She even promised to buy me a new shirt. What a great best friend I have.

The mall had been screaming my name for months, and I was finally going to show her some attention.

Our first stop was Steve Madden. Ohhhh boy. I wasn’t intending to buy anything, but I saw some cute things for fall, and I always enjoy looking at a good pair of shoes!


$139.95 @ Steve Madden

With the black jeweled bow? Uhm… YES PLEASE. So cute.

$129.95 @ Steve Madden

Okay, so Jenn and I both LOVED these; super cute for fall. Skinny jeans. And they’re black… They’d match with EVERYTHING. Must have.

Next stop, we browsed through Arden B. Normally, this isn’t my “go to” store, because it’s a little on the pricey side, and a lot of their stuff is dressier. I’m normally a pretty casual person; don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to dress up. But for the most part, I’m rockin’ shorts and a tank top. I did find a few items for my wish list, though. Obviously.

$98.00 @ Arden B

$98.00…?!?! See what I mean? I loveeee the dress. But why am IIIII gonna buy a dress for a hundred buckkssss when I have nowhere to wear it. Love the color though. WAH. (I’m thinking I might be going through a gold phase…. normally I’m a silver person. hm.)

I also loveddd Arden B’s accessories. They had really cool hair stuff, like feather clips. We all know I loooove those feathers!

$19.00 @ Arden B

$19.00 @ Arden B

After Arden B, we made our way to my number one storeeeee, FOREVER21! I missed Forever so badly. I wanted to cry with joy and kissed the glittered floor when I walked in the double doors and saw the massive store in front of me. Okay, I’m taking it a little far here…. but you get the point. I was insanely happy. For some reason, though, I wasn’t focused at first. I thought I lost my groove. I couldn’t find anything in there, and after circling the store, I got frustrated. So, I stepped outside for a cigarette. (I know, I know… I said I was quitting. And I’m doing a horrible job. I even caved and bought a pack today…. nooooo). After my little break, I thought maybe it was just that I wasn’t meant to buy anything. But when I stepped back inside, I got my swag back. I started picking things up, found a dress I’ve been eyeing, and took four things to try on.

I liked this dress, but online it looks more pink, and in person it was more orange. Plus, I wasn’t sure where I’d wear it, so I decided it wasn’t a smart investment. (I think that shows some progress too! Woo hoo!!)

$19.80 @ Forever21

I especially liked it because it’s bright, and I love bright colors with my dark hair. ALSO, the slits in the side showed off my tattoo perfectly. So cute. But it can wait.

I did end up buying (or Jenn ended up buying…) a cream sweatshirt that says “Be You” on the front, and a basic, black, form fitting, long sleeved dress to wear under it (neither of which I could find online, to show you). But I like the idea of wearing the two pieces together and rockin’ my converse, or separately for different occasions. The black dress would be especially good for mixing things up, ’cause you can dress it up, or down with the right accessories. That’s smart buying.

I decided at this point it was time to quit while I was ahead, and leave the mall. But the shopping didn’t end here.

Later tonight, I was at my friend Jeremy’s apartment. His roommate (and my friend) Pete wanted to run to Target to get a few random things. And even though I’d already been shopping for the day, I wanted to go with. HAA.

So, we got there, and Jenn and I immediately went off separately from the boys and did our own thing. We were headed to the clothing section when BAM!! we were hit in the face with another nail polish display. I’m tellin’ ya, they get me EVERY time.

I ended up finding a gold (it’s the new color) that I really liked, and picked it up with every intention of buying it. But then, I looked up to see the Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips by Sally Hansen. I’ve seen these before on people, SUCH a good idea. They’re strips of nail polish that you cut to fit your own nail, and they’re supposed to last much longer than polish. And I haven’t been able to find them anywhere. All of a sudden, here they were!

I wanted two. I really enjoyed the almost metallic looking “Raise A Glass” and “Misbehaved.” They were almost the same base color, and I wanted to do the whole, one nail different, but I didn’t want to pay like 10 bucks for each?! Are you kidding, that’s ridiculous…. So I settled on the “Misbehaved,” and opted to paint the rest of my nails black, (or maybe just one, I hadn’t decided…) and made my way to the checkout line.

$9.99 @ Ulta

$9.99 @ Ulta

But then, we ran into the accessories aisle. I found sunglasses I want. But at this point, I was getting tired, and hesitating buying the nail stuff, since I JUST got my nails done. So I set down the adorable orange glasses, and the nail stuff, and sulked out of Target. I will be back for you Sally Hansen. I must try this stick on nail polish.

So today was definitely an adventure. But I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress in terms of self control. I normally would be freaking out and buying everything, but I managed to leave content with two items, that are very versatile. I’m super stoked to wear this new outfit. Hopefully it’s cool enough one of these nights for a sweatshirt….. !

Feathers everywhere!

I’ve been obsessed with feathers for a very long time. I’ve always loved what they symbolize. There’s a lot of different meanings, however, my favorites are “flight,” and “new beginnings.”

Right now, in my life, it’s a period of transition. The word flight means a lot to me, just because I feel like now is when I’m taking off. I’m starting fresh; just moved into a new house, started school again, and started a new job. I also started this blog, so it’s a big time for me. The term “flight” really hits home. But enough about me!!

Feathers were really in this summer, and I have a feeling they’re not going out of style soon. Feathers have been printed all over clothing articles, appeared in hair styles, and were incorporated into accessories. Let’s just say I’m obsessed!!

Here’s a few feather inspired articles that I love!:

$8.50 @ Wetseal

I don’t shop at Wetseal very often, but sometimes I’ll find something that I must have. The way I shop issss if I like something, I buy it (which is part of my problem). But at Wetseal, they usually have stuff on the cheaper side. Always a plus.

$98.00 @ Nordstrom

This shirt is adorable, but I’m not sure I could bring myself to spend that much on a top. Maybe one day!

$12.99 @ Modcloth

Modcloth is one of my absolute favorite places to shop. They have a bunch of vintage inspired clothing. I love their dresses, and shoes. They also have the cutest stuff for apartments.

$14.99 @ Modcloth

Another Modcloth find… I love the double ring thing. I have a ton!!

$14.00 @ Buckle

Loveee this necklace. Black, of course, but it would be super cute with a gray, loose fitting top.

$134.99 @ Modcloth

This dress is to dieee for. Again from Modcloth. A little on the pricey side, but Modcloth carries higher quality clothing, so purchases from there can be investment pieces. A lot of their stuff is more on the mature side as well, so it’d be perfect for work.

$26.00 @ Nordstrom

Hair clips. With feathers. I’m obsessed.

This belt would be adorable to make any outfit a little more interesting. I love peacock feathers, and there’s a lot you could do with this belt!

I’m not saying farewell to the feather trend any time soon.

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