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Retail Therapy, made possible by PAYDAY!

We all know what pay day means… my biweekly trip to Target, and the day I get my nails didd!! And pay day just happened to be on Friday, which happened to follow a horrible day. So I figured it’d be okay for me to spend some of that cashhhh. Retail therapy.

My list included makeup (I was quickly running out, but I didn’t want to run to Sally’s because I was feeling lazy, and in the mood to try something new) and nail polish for my manicureeee. I knew exactly what colors I was looking for, because I had an idea for how I wanted my nails painted.

So here’s what I bought:

$11.99 @ Target

$14.99 @ Target

$8.99 @ Target

This brand caught my attention for some reason… I was drawn to it. So far, I’m really happy with it. I have no complaints! I bought the Lifting & Firming Foundation in New Ivory, the translucent powder, and the blush in Soft Damson.

$7.74 @ Target

$5.84 @ Target

These are products I buy regularly. The Revlon eyeliner is awesome! It’s a pen, but it’s liquid, without being overly liquid-y…. if that makes sense. I buy it in Blackest Black, and it makes winging out my eyeliner a piece of cake… but that’s a secret, so shhh don’t tell. And the mascara is my FAVORITE. It’s L’Oreal Paris, Voluminous Original, in Black. I’m so happy to have a brand new tube, looooove.

$6.49 @ Target

I fell in loveee with this color, Commander in Chic. So I took it and used it with the color Pink Slip, that I also adore! And this is how they turned out:

After spoiling myself, I did feel much better, and am now ready to take on this next week. Hello Mondayyy!


Wake Up, Makeup

I’ve been running low on some of my makeup products, so the other day, I decided it was time for a trip to Sally Beauty Supply. I needed foundation, mascara, and brow filler, and surprisingly, I didn’t add to my shopping list when I got to the actual store! Go me!

So here’s what I bought:

$9.99 @ Sally's

I buy this product, Dual Wet&Dry Foundation, regularly. It’s a powder foundation, but if you get the sponge wet, it can also be a liquid. The liquid gives you more coverage, and I finish off using the powder. I love it, because it makes my skin look completely flawless, and it doesn’t feel heavy. The only thing I don’t like about it, is that it goes REALLY quick. I buy a new one almost every two weeks, unfortunately.

$8.99 @ Sally's

Normally, I buy my mascara at any drugstore, mainly sticking to CoverGirl products. I’m not usually very picky with mascaras, because I was lucky enough to get my dad’s eyelashes, AKA abnormally long and thick and beeeeautiful! This mascara, however, is notttt my fav. It’s alright, and I like that it doesn’t make my eyelashes chunky and gross, but it also runs a little bit… andddd I’m not a fan of that. I probably won’t buy this product again.

$7.59 @ Sally's

I also normally buy a different brand of brow filler. Normally, I buy the powder from Bare Minerals; it matches my hair color, and I think it looks veryyy natural. I fill my brows in because they’re a bit skinny (from tweezing them too young, and not knowing what the heck I was doing). Anyway, I used to use a pencil, but I like the way the powder looks. And I definitely wanted to avoid the mall, ’cause that’s always bad news. So I decided to try Ardell’s version of my brow filler. I definitely prefer the Bare Minerals, but this will do fine for now.


I walked into Sally’s that night, and noticed there was an older couple standing by the makeup. I didn’t want to be annoying, so I browsed through the makeup I could and waited for them to find what they were looking for, and move down the aisle. They were browsing through nail colors, and searching for a specific one “with purple flecks.”

The woman was getting annoyed, and telling her husband, Kevin (haha!), that she had to keep looking because none of the polishes were her color. He insisted that he found the one she wanted, and she kept saying “Kevin, I’m looking for the one with purple flecks; see how the color changes in the light?! That’s not it.”

I couldn’t help myself, I was giggling at their bickering, and the fact that they made a trip to Sally’s together in the first place. I guess that’s what you do when you’re married and retired?

Kevin then turned around and looked at me apologetically, and said “we’ve been married 34 years.” I thought, how sweet…He must really love her.

Think about it; she seemed like a very stubborn woman, someone who knows what she wants all the time. But someone out there, found her, and loved her so much that he was willing to make that monthly trip to Sally’s with her. To find her “purple flecked” nailpolish. To stay married to her for 34 years. All because he loves her.

Gave me some hope.

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