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Website Wednesdays: Free People

Hey there blog world!

I have been working on a new idea for a more regular upkeep on the blog. On Wednesdays (hopefully every Wednesday) I plan on posting an online store where I like to browse through new styles, and tease myself with clothes I cannot afford to buy.

I’m going to share these with you, so that you too can look through some of my favorite websites, and buy, or drool over their clothing!

You’re welcome 🙂

Today I’m going to start with Free People. I LOVE this brand, and their style of clothes. But they are BEYOND expensive. Sometimes I’ll browse through the sale rack at Macy’s and find a deal, but normally, you’re lookin’ at forkin’ over an arm and a leg. But who says a girl can’t look???

$28.00 @ Free People

We all know by now that I LOVE feathers, and feather clips. I would wear them every day if I didn’t feel like I permanently had a bird in my hair. This is a teeny bit expensive, but hey, what the hell.

$38.00 @ Free People

Their jewelry is always soooo unique, I just wish I had the money to pay for a $40.00 bracelet. I love the color pink…. mmmm.

$68.00 @ Free People

Normally, I try to stick with shorter hemlines, because I’m not the tallest girl ever. But I love that this is asymmetrical, and the one lace sleeve. ❤ ❤ ❤

$68.00 @ Free People

I love these shorts. Now it is beyond me why we pay for denim that looks like you’ve owned it for years, but I guess that’s the style?? I love denim shorts in summer time; I rock them on the daily.

$78.00 @ Free People

LOVE this top! Green is one of my best colors, with my dark hair. It totally brings out my eyes, and I love the tie in the shirt. Cute cute cute

$88.00 @ Free People

MORE TEAL! Obviously I can’t get enough. And I always love lace. OOhhhhh. Love this top.

$38.00 @ Free People

AH this bracelet is to DIE for. I’m not usually big on bracelets ’cause I find that they always get in my way, and I have the world’s smallest wrists, so they fall off all the time. But I adore this one!

So there’s a little taste of one of my favorite sites, Free People. Check it out, loves!


Hello fall

Hello fall

H M racerback shirt
£9.99 –

Vince collarless jacket
$935 –

Nudie Jeans Co. long jeans
$180 –

Dorothy Perkins high heel shoes
£38 –

Mixit crystal bangle
$12 –


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