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Extra loos braid DIY

Definitely will be trying this!

a certain shade of black...

In a regular braid there are 3 strands. For this look, all you do is braid one of those strands beforehand and loosen it up with your fingers, then braid as usual. This creates extra texture + breaks up the pattern of a regular braid.

Source: The Beauty Department

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365 Project: A daily dose of KevenJacobs

I absolutely loooove the Sally Hansen nail strips. They keep coming out with new designs, and they’re so easy to put on. I love being able to change them up with so many different styles. ❤ ❤ ❤

365 Project: A daily dose of KevenJacobs

Iiiii am going out tonight! This is my outfit of choice: my skinny jeans, black wedges and a bright blue top. I wanted to keep it semi-casual since last weekend I wore dresses the entire weekend. I loveeee rockin’ jeans; they’re so much more comfortable. And I have my handy clutchhhh. Ready, set, GO!

Website Wednesdays: Nasty Gal

The website I’m featuring this week is Nasty Gal. I adore the style of clothing, and I hadn’t heard about this site until recently. I could go crazy online shopping here. Enjoy!!

$18.00 @ Nasty Gal

I LOVE LOVE LOVE rings. They’re an easy way to accessorize, and I much prefer them over bracelets. Bracelets always get in my way, but if I could wear rings on every finger every day. Okay…maybe not every finger. But you get the point. I love the double finger rings, too. Slightly obsessed.

$22.00 @ Nasty Gal

Oh what do you know!? Another double finger ring… surprising right?

$28.00 @ Nasty Gal

AH!! I forgot how much I loved this ring. I love a good rock. Even though science is notttt my thing, I always enjoy geology because there are so many beautiful rocks… I know, what a nerd. But seriously. You can make some sick looking jewelry out of natural stones. Who knew?

$30.00 @ Nasty Gal

We all should know by now that I love a good tank. And the color gray. Look! We found two things I love in one top. BOOM!

$48.00 @ Nasty Gal

I love the new take on a classic favorite. I always love a good plaid flannel, but this sort of switches it up and makes it more interesting. I love the bare shoulders and the tie. I’m drooling. Want. Need. Must have. Goodness, no wonder I’m so broke.

$58.00 @ Nasty Gal

TRIBAL PRINT<3 Plus a gray sweatshirt. What an easy, cute look. Gawwwww.

$60.00 @ Nasty Gal

Wow, I should probably try to brighten my color palate at some point. Black, white, gray…. more tribal. I must be very predictable. But I still love this top.

$68.00 @ Nasty Gal

SURPRISE! MORE GRAY!!! Who’d have thought!? But it looks so comfy. And it seriously is just my style. I must add that I love her bag. Shit.


This is how I get myself into trouble. xoxoxooo

365 Project: A daily dose of KevenJacobs

This is my new necklace that my momma bought me for my birthday! It’s asymmetrical, and I simply adore it! It’s from Premier Designs. She bought it at a jewelry party she went to, and I want to see more of their stuff! Super cute ❤ Thanks mom 😀

365 Project: A daily dose of KevenJacobs

The last day of my birthday celebration. I got to dress casual to work (that top is one that I stole from my sister’s closet… shhhh don’t tell her!), and that’s the balloon they gave me :-D. Now it’s finally back to reality….

365 Project: A daily dose of KevenJacobs

Back to work! I wore my new dress from H&M (blog post on my shopping trip with Eddie, coming soon!!), which I LOVEEE. Little did I know, on your birthday at my work you’re allowed to wear jeans. Of course, I missed the memo. But that just means I got to wear jeans the next day! WOOHOO.

365 Project: A daily dose of KevenJacobs

After a loooooong weekend, we went out to have lunch at the Sandbar, and ended up drinking some more. I seriously look beat.

BUT, notice we match. I bought him that shirt for his birthday. It says “Mined over Matter,” which I think is really clever, considering the brand name is Diamond. I also am VERY excited to announce, that they now have women’s clothing. YES!!! I love this brand, and I was stoked to be able to get a shirt that actually fits me! WOOHOO!

365 Project: A daily dose of KevenJacobs

This night we were supposed to go to Mill Avenue in Tempe, to celebrate even more.

Little did I know…. There was a surprise party just for me!

It’s actually a funny story:

A few days ago, my boyfriend told me that a few of my friends were going to have a little get together and they wanted us to stop by to say ‘happy birthday’ before we went to Mill. I should have noticed this was strange (that they’d tell him, and not me…), but I’m completely oblivious, and didn’t think anything of it.

So the night of, I got pretty, and met Eddie at Valle Luna, where he had dinner. We headed over to my friend Kanoe’s house, and went through the garage. We walked in, and everyone yelled “SURPRISE!” I was still confused at this point, had absolutely no idea what was going on. Fun fact about Keven: when I’m in front of  a large group of people, I sort of blank out, and can’t process who is around me. While I was calming down, and saying hello to everyone, my friend Hector grabbed me and told me I had another surprise.

At this point, I probably should have connected the dots. My best friend’s phone had been off; I’d tried calling her multiple times that day. Who put together this magical surprise party with streamers everywhere? It couldn’t have been my boyfriend, I was with him all day.

BUT, I was still completely oblivious and in shock from the first surprise. They took me into the living room, and covered my eyes. I was going through the possibilities in my head, and settled on the idea that they had gotten me some sort of live animal, and I was trying to figure out how I was going to tell my parents that I had a new bunny.

In a way, they did get me a live animal. As my eyes were covered, I hear “Helloooo bestfriend,” in a lovely Russian accent that we like to do so much.

I opened my eyes, and who else, but my best friend JENN, was standing right in front of me. I still don’t know how she did it. I had been so upset that she wouldn’t be with my for my birthday but somehow she pulled it off!!! Yes, I did cry.

Honestly, trying to describe my reaction is pointless, because there are no words. So watch this instead: (SERIOUSLY, IT’S WORTH THE FEW SECONDS OF YOUR TIME).


Honestly, my birthday weekend had already been AMAZING, thanks to my wonderful boyfriend. But when my best friend surprised me, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I’m so thankful ❤

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