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Website Wednesdays: plndr

The website I’m featuring this week is plndr. I was browsing through their site, and I fell in love! I found a TON of stuff I wanted, so the list is going to be rather extensive this week. ENJOY 🙂

$49.99 @ plndr

I’m allll about leather jackets. I have only one, and I wear it whenever I’m feeling a little badass ;-). I also love it because it doesn’t need much accessorizing. This one is fairly cheap, as well!

$24.99 @ plndr

LEOPARD PRINT<3 My favorite colors all wrapped in one dress. It doesn’t get better than this!

$16.99 @ plndr

I’m also diggin’ the tribal prints. This tank is super cute, and I love all the colors. It’d be great for summer here in Arizona!

$9.99 @ plndr

LOVE these sunglasses. The teal and white together is so cute. And as we all know, I lovelovelove teal 😀

$9.99 @ plndr (back of shirt shown)

$9.99 @ plndr (front of shirt shown)

I absolutely adore shirts with interesting details on the back. It’s like a little surprise. This shirt is super cheap, and the zipper back sold me. It’d be adorable with some black skinnies, and my wedges. Mmmmm.

$25.00 @ plndr

Lace detail also gets me! I love gray sweatshirts, but this one, with the lace….PERF. Gray sweaters with curly hair, loveeeeee.

$20.00 @ plndr

Gray seriously must be my go-to color. This dress has a little bit of yellow on it to spice it up from just a gray dress, to absolutely adorable. Love it!

$20.00 @ plndr

I’ve been needing a new bag for a while. My purse that I alwayssss wear is a brown purse, and it’s a Louis Vuitton. I LOVE the purse, but I’m not big on brown. I don’t ever feel like I match since I always wear black though :-(. Someone told me once that ‘your Louie doesn’t have to match you, you have to match your Louie.’ So true. I’ll always love that bag, but I would like a black bag, and this one is PERFECT. And cheap, too!!!

$25.00 @ plndr

Normally, I’m not a fan of orange, but I think it’s starting to grow on me just in time for Spring! Lovinnn’ this dress!

$20.00 @ plndr

Blazer ❤ ‘nough said.

$15.00 @ plndr

Graphic tees are soooo my thing. I love them because they’re so easy to wear, especially when you’re running late. And you can layer them under jackets. They’re just all around awesome.

$5.00 @ plndr

I’m a huuuuge tank top person during the summers in Arizona. There’s really nothing else you can wear considering if you put anything with more cloth on, you’ll melt. This one is so cute, and I love the pocket. Ahhhhh.


I need to go shopping now. 😦 I’m having withdrawals.


Summertime Style

So, since you’re reading about things in my life that are so personal, I thought you should see firsthand what my style looks like. I set up a shoot with a friend, Jillian, to show off my personal style.

If I had to describe it, I’d say, for the most part, I’m a pretty casual girl. ESPECIALLY in the middle of Arizona’s summers. When it’s 115 degrees outside, I don’t care too much for packin on the layers. I keep it simple with tank tops and denim shorts. Most of the time I’m also rockin’ flip flops or my Converse.

Courtesy of Jillian Bratcher

This is a perfect example of my every day outfit.


$30.00 @ Sole and Blues

$20.00 @ Hollister

$5.80 @ Forever21

This next outfit is also very typical for my summer style.  More denim shorts, and yet another tank. This is something I’d wear on a summer night, to a party, or just to hang out with the boys (on a typical summer night, you’d find me kickin’ it with some of my best friends, most of which are guys).

Courtesy of Jillian Bratcher

Courtest of Jillian BratcherCourtesy of Jillian Bratcher

Courtesy of Jillian Bratcher

Notice the nail color; it’s the new one I bought, “Turned Up Turquoise” by OPI.


$30.00 @ Swell

$44.50 @ Hollister

$17.50 @ American Eagle

By the way, I love stacked bracelets and rings; I’m not a huge accessories person, but I love the look of it. I find a lot of cute accessories at American Eagle. Their jewelry is to die for!

My nextttt outfit, is my summer sun dress. This is when I feel like dressing it up a bit, but still casual enough for comfort!

Courtesy of Jillian Bratcher


$17.99 @ Target

$19.80 @ Forever21

Uhm, I’m in love with that dress from Forever21. The tribal print is adorable, and honestly, I like it better than the one I’m wearing! What the heck? I might have to make it mine.

And last but not leastttt, my night out attire! This is what I originally intended to wear as my birthday dress, however, my birthday this year was freezing cold and rainy, so this was not the outfit I wore.

Courtesy of Jillian Bratcher

Courtesy of Jillian Bratcher


$7.80 @ Forever21

$23.00 @ Yesstyle

$198.00 @ Nordstrom

$88.95 @ Nordstrom

So these are my summer looks! The pictures were done by Jillian Bratcher. See more of her work @ Jillian Bratcher Photography. My hair was cut and colored by my best friend Jennifer Swarts.

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