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Let it Be

Let it Be

Wildfox Couture white top
£65 –

Daytrip flannel shirt
$28 –

Alexis Bittar triangle jewelry
$175 –


Target Binge

One of my veryyyy favorite stores to shop at is Target. I find that they have super cute clothes, for decent prices, and since they just opened a brand new, HUGE Target right next to my house, I’m a pretty frequent buyer there. They literally have everything.

Yesterday, my Mom asked me to run an errand for her, because she needed spaghetti sauce. And I saw a golden opportunity to make a trip to Target. Time to spend some of my paycheckkkk (even though I know I shouldn’t, I needed a little binge shopping).

I ended up buying two shirts, a pair of sunglasses, and those Sally Hansen Nail Strips I’ve been wanting. YAY!

$14.99 @ Target

Lovin’ this shirt. It’s a long sleeved, cropped t-shirt. I normally roll up the sleeves on long sleeved tops, just because I feel like it’s more comfortable than wearing it long. I’ve been eying this shirt for a while, had to make it mine!

$8.98 @ Target

I shopped the clearance rack, too. They always have good deals in there, and I love this tank. It’s hard to see in the picture, but it’s bright purple, and the back is twisted, and racer back, which I LOOOOVE. Such a typical Keven top. And for 9 bucks, I’ll take it!

$12.99 @ Target

Again, these are hard to see, but they have a cool striped pattern on themmm. I love this style of sunglasses; most of the pairs I own are similar. But I’ve also had my eye on these, and of course, they’re black, so now they’re mine (:

$8.54 @ Target

I haven’t had the time or patience to the Sally Hansen Nail strips out yet, but I’m super excited to! I’m gonna continue the “one nail different” trend, and keep my ring finger black, and put these on the rest. I’ll post a picture when I’m finished!

So I filled my craving for shopping at Target, and my total spent was around $50, which I didn’t think was too bad… even though I really should be saving. Just wanted a new shirt, or two. Hehe

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