Website Wednesdays: Nasty Gal

by kevenjacobs

The website I’m featuring this week is Nasty Gal. I adore the style of clothing, and I hadn’t heard about this site until recently. I could go crazy online shopping here. Enjoy!!

$18.00 @ Nasty Gal

I LOVE LOVE LOVE rings. They’re an easy way to accessorize, and I much prefer them over bracelets. Bracelets always get in my way, but if I could wear rings on every finger every day. Okay…maybe not every finger. But you get the point. I love the double finger rings, too. Slightly obsessed.

$22.00 @ Nasty Gal

Oh what do you know!? Another double finger ring… surprising right?

$28.00 @ Nasty Gal

AH!! I forgot how much I loved this ring. I love a good rock. Even though science is notttt my thing, I always enjoy geology because there are so many beautiful rocks… I know, what a nerd. But seriously. You can make some sick looking jewelry out of natural stones. Who knew?

$30.00 @ Nasty Gal

We all should know by now that I love a good tank. And the color gray. Look! We found two things I love in one top. BOOM!

$48.00 @ Nasty Gal

I love the new take on a classic favorite. I always love a good plaid flannel, but this sort of switches it up and makes it more interesting. I love the bare shoulders and the tie. I’m drooling. Want. Need. Must have. Goodness, no wonder I’m so broke.

$58.00 @ Nasty Gal

TRIBAL PRINT<3 Plus a gray sweatshirt. What an easy, cute look. Gawwwww.

$60.00 @ Nasty Gal

Wow, I should probably try to brighten my color palate at some point. Black, white, gray…. more tribal. I must be very predictable. But I still love this top.

$68.00 @ Nasty Gal

SURPRISE! MORE GRAY!!! Who’d have thought!? But it looks so comfy. And it seriously is just my style. I must add that I love her bag. Shit.


This is how I get myself into trouble. xoxoxooo