365 Project: A daily dose of KevenJacobs

by kevenjacobs



Sportin’ my dorky ‘I ❤ my boyfriend’ tank for good olddddd Valentine’s Day. For the record, even when I do have a boyfriend on this most joyous of holidays, I’m still the biggest grinch. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s the dumbest holiday there is.

I’m all for celebrating your romantic relationships, and people around you that you love, but you should be doing that on a daily basis.

Ick, the holiday makes me shiver.

BUT. On the plus side, I do get to spend it with my boyyyyfriend. And we’re going to treat it like it’s any other Tuesday, because in reality, it is, in fact, TUESDAY. We’re going to get take out and watch a movie. Sounds like a good night to me 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone… but remember to love the people around you even when it’s not a holiday filled with flowers, balloons and other bullshit. Yikes that sounded bitter. OKAY BYE!