Bikini Season

by kevenjacobs

Hey thereeeee!

Bikini season is RIGHT around the corner, and I honestly cannot WAIT! Even though I’m super pale and prone to sunburn, I absolutely love when my skin gets a little bronzer, and when I can comfortably rock a bikini.

I’m in desperate need of a trip to the beach, but FIRST, I need a new bikini. I did a little online shopping, and here’s what I found so far:

$128.00 @ Butterflies and Bikinis

Black normally isn’t the color I choose in swimsuits, mainly because I’m pretty much as white as a sheet of paper, and that doesn’t look so hot with a black bikini. Maybe this year, I’ll work on my tan, and rock one… After all, black is my favorite color, but I need to be careful about bronzing too much, because I definitely don’t wanna look like an aligator or have skin cancer when I’m older. USE SUNSCREEN πŸ™‚

$152.00 @ Butterflies and Bikinis

I’m really diggin’ this website I found called Butterflies and Bikinis, however, they’re really expensive, and I’m lookin’ for something a little more affordable, considering I already have a million bikinis, and am super broke. I love the teal color of this one, ’cause I feel like that’s always a winning color, whether I’m tan or pale, AND it matches my eyes πŸ™‚ This picture doesn’t show the back of the bottoms, but it’s ruched, so that it shows off a cute little behind. And I’ve been wanting a swimsuit like this forever, to enhance the butt I don’t have πŸ™‚

$180.00 @ Butterflies and Bikinis

Another one from Butterflies and Bikinis. For some reason, I was super attracted to the black ones this year. I always love the bandeau tops, and this swimsuit looks almost a little meshy, so that it shows through to a nude color underneath, and I think it’s super cute. I’m diggin’ this style.

$19.94 (top) & $19.94 (bottom) @ Old Navy

Now THIS is my kinda price!! I LOVE the style of the top, and the bottoms are just as cute. I’m all about stripes, and it looks a little pink in the picture, but I think it may be red. Either way I love love love!

$68.00 (top) & $62.00 (bottom) @ Orchid Boutique

I’ve also been looking at cobalt blue bikinis. This one actually looks a little navy, but I like the brightness of the blue. And I loooove the ‘frilly?’ top. Super adorable.

$26.00 (top) & $22.00 (bottom) @ Victoria's Secret

I’ve ALWAYS been a fan of Victoria’s Secret for bikinis. I love the sweetness of the ruffles and the baby pink. Super cuuuuute. ❀

$44.00 (top) &$16.00 (bottom) @ Victoria's Secret

Another favvvv from Victoria’s Secret. I loveee the green; again, it would look good whether I was pale or tan. And it’s a push-up top to enhance my baby boobies πŸ™‚

$29.00 (top) & $20.00 (bottom) @ Victoria's Secret

I’m not usually drawn to purple for bikinis (okayyy, you caught me- I do have ONE purple bikini). But I loveee this one. Love the ruffles, and again, the bandeau top.

$38.00 (top) & $28.00 (bottom) @ Victoria's Secret

There’s the cobalt blue color I was talking about! Love this bikini. It’s simple, but I adore the color. And obvi the push-up top. Eeee I can’t wait to lay on the beach. California, watch outttt!