365 Project: A daily dose of KevenJacobs

by kevenjacobs

So today, I had to pick up my overpriced prescription at Target, and when I got there, they told me it would take about 25 minutes to fill it. I was already running behind with my to-do list, because of my run in with insomnia last night. As frustrated as I was that I couldn’t go on a jog this morning, that 25 minutes gave me some time to shop around. And spend money I shouldn’t have.

Surprisingly, I did well…considering I was drooling over jewelry, hats, scarves, tops, shoes, glasses, etc.

I bought this dress off the clearance rack for $12.48, a new pair of black panty hose, and some stuff to do my nails.

I only spent $30ish … which wasn’t too bad. I’ve been known to do a lot more damage in 25 minutes. And it gave my confidence a little boost to have something new to wear…FINALLY. 🙂

That’s all!