Bargain Shopping

by kevenjacobs

Okay so we’re gonna rewind a little bit once again.

Flash back to December of 2011. A friend of mine, Iris, asked me to take a shopping trip with her for a winter photo shoot she had planned, and she wanted me to help her pick out some cute outfits.

We got a bit of a late start, and I told her I wanted to stop by Plato’s Closet before heading to the mall, so we could find me a new pair of jeans. My favorite Guess pair were rapidly unraveling, and I wanted to get a pair to tide me over until after Christmas, when I could afford to buy a brand new pair.

When we arrived at the Plato’s parking lot, we noticed a nail salon, and decided we wanted to get our nails did. She offered to pay for mine, in exchange for helping her out (how sweet, right?!?). I got the gels (FINALLY!!!). And we socialized a bit with the owner of the salon and his family.

The owner gave me $5.00 off and they lasted for a little over a week (not great, but normally, my nails only last a few days). And I absolutely LOVED the gel. My nails felt soooo much stronger, and it wasn’t like acrylics at all. I will definitely be doing gels again, if I ever get my credit card paid off.

So after getting our nails didddd, we went into Plato’s Closet, searching for jeans, and coming out with nothing near just jeans.

Iris ended up getting all her stuff at Plato’s, spending only a fraction of what she would have, had she bought brand new. She got everything from jackets, to sweater dresses, to boots, to a new purse. She did awesome!

And while I intended to get jeans, I ended up buying a few items… that were not, in fact, jeans.

I spent maybeeeee $60.00 total. Which I really didn’t haveeee, but I bought a bunch of awesome items. Forgive me, I don’t have exact prices or pictures, considering Plato’s doesn’t have an online store, and they’re all previously owned articles of clothing. But I found some pictures and estimated pricing:

$20.98 @ Target

This is pretty close to the blazer I bought (and I had been wanting a blazer for FOREVER). I spent maybeeee $15.00 on it, and it’s in great condition. I roll the sleeves up, and there’s a black and white striped lining, super cute.

Old Navy

I couldn’t for the life of me find a price on this beauty. But this is the vest I bought, for $4.00! Holy cow. I was innnnn love. I wore it on New Years underneath my blazer, with gray nail polish and my lovely gray boots.

This was one of the only pictures of me that night. Wasn’t the greatest night ever, but hey, I looked pretty cute 😀

Abercrombie & Fitch

I also purchased a top similar to this one! The whole back is lace, the front is plain white. It was super cheap…maybe $5.00. I wear it alllll the time, even though it’s a tad bit big for me.

Juicy for $140.60

This is most definitely not the hoodie I bought, even though it’s adorable. Mine is from Forever21 originilly, and the stripes are smaler, and it doesn’t have the black on the bottom or the sleeves. It’s so adorable, and I love a good hoodie. Wear it all the time, and I can’t imagine I spent more than $20.00 for it.

And last, but not least, I bought the shirt I’m wearing underneath my leather jacket. For like $5.00. It’s a tank, from Forever21, of course. And I LOVE it.


As you can see, I did pretty good considering I probably shouldn’t have spent ANYTHING. I never knew I could bargain shop so well; usually I just buy it if I like it, even if it’s full price, and the price is ridiculous. But I was pretty dang proud of myself after our little trip to Plato’s.