365 Project: A daily dose of KevenJacobs

by kevenjacobs

Helloooo friends ❤ So today, I received a very hateful message from a girl I don’t even know. Here is what it said:

ust because someone took photos of you with a good camera, does NOT make you a model. I’m literally considering posting your photo for a pro-anorexia site. Being skinny is attractive, but having ZERO boobs, ZERO ass, and tiny chicken legs with a bloated belly isn’t hot. Quit being ridiculous and get over yourself


I don’t know what posses people to say such mean things. I’m going to address the message she sent now. I am not trying to be a model, I’d like to be a writer. And I think I’m very talented, and headed in the right direction to do just that. I am very aware that I am thin, and super tiny. I’ve always been that way. I do NOT have an eating disorder, and I KNOW full well I have chicken legs. Sue me.

I’m more than content with my body. It’s completely natural and I’m so thankful that I don’t have to try very hard to maintain what I was given. I eat what I want, and I don’t hit the gym on a regular basis. So hate me?

I do have my flaws, but I think it’s sad that someone had to point them out to me.

I’ll add a few to her list:

One of my sides is curved more than the other. I have a slight muffin top. I’m too pale. I dislike my elbows. And sometimes I wish the space between my shoulders and breasts had less fat. I have a double chin if I try hard enough. My bottom teeth are crooked. My eyebrows are uneven, and I tend to get razor burn. But I DON’T CARE; because I know I’m beautiful.

The fact that she had to point out my flaws for me shows me how ugly SHE is. We all have flaws, but that’s what makes us human, and who we are.


So my message for today, is love yourself just the way you are. Your flaws are beautiful too.