365 Project: A daily dose of KevenJacobs

by kevenjacobs

I’ve decided to start a new project. While I’m not done with catching y’all up to speed with everything that’s gone on the last month or so, I’d still like to start a daily project. I’m going to post a photo, every day for a year, showcasing something that relates back to my personal style, and my shopaholic syndrome.

I’m very excited about this, considering it will give me the opportunity to post daily. I can’t wait to see where this project goes.

My inspiration for this was a good friend of mine, Jillian, who has also done some photography work for my blog. Her project is amazing, and I really wanted to try something similar for the blog.

So here’s day one:

Day 1: transition from school to work. This outfit is versatile enough to be for work or school. The outfit is from Windsor, where I spent a little too much money on Friday. I went shopping, BUT I’m not sure that was a great decision on my part. The top was $22.90, and the pants were $29.90. I paired the top with my favorite black belt and my booties from Target, and I was ready for my busy day!