Accidental Online Window Shopping

by kevenjacobs

I’ve been doing better with my spending habits; I’m now able to make my paycheck LAST until the next pay day, even if it’s a smaller check. But I’m still not doing so hot in the savings area. I guess it’s a process… I just can’t WAIT to be debt free, bank up a ton of money, and move out. I guess I have to learn financial responsibility before that’s possible.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve been shopping, and while doing some online browsing today, I found some items that caught my interest. This really is random and off topic, but I was literally drooling over some of these things. My birthday’s coming up though (oh and p.s. it’s the big 21!).

So here’s what I found:

$62.00 @ Buckle

I was actually looking for a vest I bought mid December, for a post about bargain shopping, but when I typed in sequin vest, this is what I found. But the front isn’t even the best part!!

$62.00 @ Buckle


I also have been wanting some new boots. My friend Nadia wore a pair out the other night, that are flat and lace up. They were freakin’ adorable, and I almost stole them right off her feet. I’m super jealous. She mentioned that she got them at Cathy Jean for around $25. I’m going to check that out…

$248.00 @ Free People

Free People is one of my favorite brands, however, at this point in my life, I really can’t afford to be shopping there too often. You can see why. But I would KILL for these boots. GRRR.

$250.00 @ Free People

I actually found these boots awhile ago, when a friend asked me to help him pick out boots for his girlfriend for Christmas. I fell in love with these ones, but he wasn’t too convinced. I’d wear them in a heartbeat.

Alright, now I’m getting angry that I can’t afford these boots. I’m done.