Kurrently Koveting

by kevenjacobs

Lemme just start out by saying, I don’t love the Kardashian family. However, they’ve built quite an impressive name for themselves, and I certainly respect that aspect of their family.

With that said, I can’t lie. I’ve seen a few of their items from their Sears line, the Kardashian Kollection, and their stuff is on the adorable side. Makes sense, considering their fashion sense is impeccable. I will admit, I like to watch what they’re sporting.

A woman I work with told me about their line, and I had to look them up, because she was wearing the most adorable shoes from the line. Here’s what I am ‘koveting’:

$16.80 @ Sears

I loveee statement necklaces, because I wear such basic clothes, that it’s nice to add some interest from time to time. I love this piece and I also LOVE the price !

$29.99 @ Sears

Sigh… I want these shoes. They’re on sale, and the woman I work with said they’re super comfortable…. Next paycheck???

$29.99 @ Sears

Another deep sigh. I also must have these. I love lace, and black, obviously. So so so so sooooo cute.

$29.99 @ Sears

Seriously, these boots are SO sexy. I think if I rocked ’em, I might break an ankle, but it’s worth a shot, right?!

What I love most about this line, is that it’s so inexpensive! They have some really cute stuff, and I’m looking forward to seeing moreeee!