Facial Piercings: Trashy or Trendy?

by kevenjacobs

A few weeks ago, my sister asked for a new diamond nose ring. I decided I wanted a new lip ring as well (mine was looking a little dull). I needed some new bling! I’ve always loved my lip ring. It was on the right side of my face, and so is my Tragus piercing. They’re both clear gems, and I liked the way they looked together. I love that “bling!”

Anywhooo. I couldn’t find a clear gem lip ring online to save my life. So I ordered this one:

$7.99 @ Body Candy

I thought this would be adorable in my lip. It can also be for a monroe piercing. When I got it in the mail, it was HUGE. And it really didn’t look very cute. So I went on a mission to get a new lip ring.

I visited a tattoo/piercing shop in Downtown Chandler, and purchased a clear gem. However, Destini, didn’t have any shorter bars, so I had to wear it long for a few days. And I didn’t like having it stick so far out of my lip.

I went back multiple days in a row, but every day, there was a reason I couldn’t get the shorter bar. I started to take it as a sign that it was time to ditch my lip ring.

For my new job, I was required to ditch it. I also spend time observing in an 8th grade classroom, and obviously can’t wear it in front of the students.

So my question is… is having facial jewelry trendy or trashy? I was told by a former coworker that I look so much prettier without it, but I really liked it.

My personal opinion – tasteful facial piercings are NOT trashy. I think they show personal style, which I’m a huge advocate of. I’m the LAST thing from trashy. I just like a little bit of bling. I definitely miss the lip ring, but I plan on piercing up my ears to make up for the lack of bling in my lip.