Christmas Wish List

by kevenjacobs

Happy December everyone! I can’t believe how fast this year FLEW by!… Did I blink? Christmas is right around the corner, and as always, I’m nowhere near prepared!

I’ve been working on my presents for other people. And I’ve decided to make this Christmas a little more creative. I can’t say much more, but for the people I love, I’ll be putting together something very special. After the holidays pass, I’ll gladly post their gifts, but until then…it’s a big secret!

My family has been asking for a wishlist for several weeks now. I don’t expect any gifts this year; I’d much prefer to spend time with my loved ones. But here are some unrealistic items on my fantasy wish list. If only….

$59.99 @ Bakers

I’m a sucker for bows. When I saw these online, I was immediately SOLD. Love them.

$98.00 @ bebe

I’ve been wanting a NICE leather jeacket for a while.. probably something like two years. But I’ve never wanted to spend the money. I looked at Bebe a few years ago, and fell in love with one, but couldn’t make myself spend the money…. surprisingly. But I do love this jacket! I love that it’s cropped. Leather jackets are sexxyyyy.


So lately, I’ve been attempting to watch football on Sundays with my “manfriend” Eddie. I told him, it’s time to buy me a jersey. I figured I could rock a Cardinals jersey, ’cause duhhh, I’m from AZ. He wants me to sport a Lions jersey, because he’s from Detroit. I said “fat chanceeee bud!” Cross your fingers; hopefully he’ll get me the black one (;

$27.80 @ Forever21

I’m also in DIRE need of a new coat. I somehow lost my favorite one in the move, and it’s starting to get really super cold, and I’m gonna need a new one. Mom, Dad…. Make it happen? Ha, just kidding. But really….

$138.00 @ Guess

I looked down at my jeans the other day while I was at work, and realized they’re pretttyyyy faded. I love Guess jeans, and I plan to make these mine, even if they’re not under the tree this year.

$100.42 @ Frames Direct

I had to do a little research for this item. I’ve been wanting to rock my glasses more often, but mine are old and beat up to the maxxxx, so I want a new pair that I’d feel confident rocking every once in awhile. These are Guess, and I found them discounted at Frames Direct. LOVEEE.

$95.00 @ Guess

I was also browsing the Guess website to find a new watch, because mine’s broken. I found this one. SO CUTE. For some reason, I’ve been obsessed with leopard lately, and while this may not be a WATCH watch, it’s definitely ADORABLE.

$135.00 @ Guess

I also loved this watch. Buy it for me? (:

$89.00 @ Nordstrom

This is my FAVORITE scent right now. And I’m out. ): I need a new bottle ASAP, and I’m really sick of buying the small bottleeee, so let’s get the big one this time, yeah?

$198.00 @ Nordstrom

Okay; yes, I realize this may be completely out of the question. But I saw it, and am in love with it. It’s a Betsey Johnson, and lately, I’ve been seeing her stuff everywhere. I feel like it’s calling my name. “Kevennnn, you want to buyyyyy meee.” Shut up Betsey, I’m broke. This would look so good in a box, tied with a big red bow. MMMMM.

$79.95 @ Steve Madden

And lastttt, but not least, I’ve been looking for some cute leather-looking black boots. I have gray ones, but I obviously need a pair of black ones, since that’s my favorite color. Loved these ones from Steve Madden. And with the leather jacket from Bebe? PERF.