Nail it Down

by kevenjacobs

I’ve been slacking on updating you guys on my awesome nails… So here’s what you’ve missed. Or some of it at least.

These hands belong to a girl named Hilary, in my education class. I LOVED them; they’re the Sally Hansen nail strips, that I still haven’t tried out for myself. She said they’re SUPER easy, and I thought these looked ADORABLE.

Those are my hands! I used Sally Hansen’s Pink Slip, and OPI’s Siberian Nights. I love the Siberian Nights color, by the way. I’ve been wearing it literally almost every week since I bought it. The first time I used it, I painted all my nails with it, except for my ring finger on both hands, and used gold glitter on my ring fingers. Looked awesome, if I may say so myself….

$8.50 @ Beauty Brands

$6.49 @ Target

I’ve also been using a protein formula, that I bought at Beauty Brands, so that I could strengthen my horribly damaged nails. And it’s working it’s magic. I use it as a base and top coat, and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in the thickness of my nails. Amazing stuff.

$9.49 @ Beauty Brands

And my nails as of Thanksgiving, look like THIS!:

I used Sally Hansen’s Pink Slip again, and China Glaze’s Turned Up Turquoise. Yes, this is how I spent part of my Thanksgiving: Hanging out on the couch, buffing, then filing, then painting. Good timessss.

$7.00 @ Beauty Brands

I REALLY love the Turned Up Turquoise. Especially with my new earrings. Again, I’ll post pictures soon!