Thank Goodness it’s Pay Day!

by kevenjacobs

I’m so far behind, I didn’t even know where to start. So I decided to start with yesterday, my first PAY DAY at my new job! And holy crap, it felt good. I haven’t had extra cash in a few weeks, and relief washed over me when my father texted me and said “your paycheck came in the mail!” YESSS. It’s the first of many.

Now, this probably wasn’t my smartest decision. But, I haven’t been shopping in who KNOWS how long, and I was literally itching for new clothes. After depositing my check, I had to go to Target to pick up my prescription. And I thought, it couldn’t hurt to take a stroll through the clothing section. And even though I bought quite a few items…. IT DIDN’T HURT! Woohooooo!

So, here’s what I bought:

$16.99 @ Target

They also had this top in leopard print, and looking at it now, I might be regretting that I bought the plain gray. But oh well. I love this top either way!

After browsing through the clothing section, I wanted to see what Target’s shoes had to offer on Black Friday!

$29.99 @ Target

I didn’t plan on buying anything, but uhhhh I REALLY liked these shoes. And there was a deal for Black Friday, so I made them mine.. They sort of remind me of Robin Hood…. Don’t ask why; I couldn’t tell ya.

Then I decided I needed some new tights. I’ve been wanting some sheer black ones. So I made my way over to hosiery.

$10.00 @ Target

As you can see, those aren’t sheer. The one’s I bought were, and I thought they’d look great with a black dress, and my new booties!

I also wanted to check out the jewelry section…. I needed some new accessories.

$14.99 @ Target

Lovingggg this ring. I really like to wear rings, but I buy cheaper jewelry, so they end up turning my fingers green. But this ring is nickel-free … so my fingers stay my lovely pink skin tone. SCORE.

I also bought some teal feather earrings, that are super adorable, but I couldn’t find a picture online. They were $7.99, and I can’t WAIT to wear them. I’ll post a picture later!

Now, again, this may not have been the smartest way to spend a portion of my first paycheck, but I needed to CELEBRATEEE.