by kevenjacobs

wow… So I’ve been gone for a while now, and lemme just apologize. I’ve been neglecting my blog due to my lack of time. Trust me, I don’t even have time to sleep. I’ve had barely any free time the past few weeks, and it’s wearing me outttt.

I did not end up going to Vegas for Mara’s birthday unfortunately. I couldn’t drive alone, definitely didn’t want something to happen with my car and get stuck in the middle of nowhere, and couldn’t find a cheap enough flight to make it. This seriously bummed me out because I was truly excited to spend a few days in Vegas, but with all my financial burdens, it just wasn’t possible.

I just started my new job at Safelite. I’ve been in training the past week, and with school and all my projects hitting me at once, as well as completing my hours of service learning in a classroom, I’ve been SWAMPED. I got sick last week, and am still recovering. I’m exhausted.

But this new job will allow me to get my finances in order, and I plan on working A LOT. Especially once this semester is over.

For now, I’ll be updating as much as possible, and even though I haven’t been SPENDING much, I have plenty to write about. Hang on for a little longer; hopefully I’ll have time over the next week to get caught up.

I wish this blog could be my number one priority, but unfortunately right now, I must focus my attention to school and work. As I said before, I’ll try to keep up as much as possible, and I have plenttyyyy of stuff I’d like to post, so bear with me!

Thank you all for being loyal readers, and staying caught up with me, I’ll have more for you soon. ❤