by kevenjacobs

Hello world! I have some VERY exciting news to share with you. My friend Mara is turning 21 this weekend, and we’re hitting up Vegas to celebrate! I don’t think Vegas is ready for us.

The last time I went to Vegas, I was 16, and obviously with Mara and her family. So I think it’s only appropriate that I go back with them! And this time, we’re legalllll!

So I’m planning, and trying to find my cheapest option. I’ll be heading there Friday morning, and coming back Saturday afternoon/evening, because I want some time to recover before Monday. I’m working on deciding whether to fly or drive, but at this point, driving seems like the cheaper option. I just don’t want to drive all the way there and back alone ):

I also need to find a dress for our crazy night out on Friday. So here’s what I’ve found so far:

$22.80 @ Forever21

Loooove the color of this, and I think it would look amazing on my fair skin, with my dark hair. And my nude pumpsssss. Ah I’m drooling.

$22.80 @ Forever21

I really like this dress as well. I’m sort of into the neutrals right now, and the gold metallic look is just delicious. I love that this is a dress, but it looks like a top and a skirt. I’m getting more excited every dress I see!

$22.80 @ Forever21

This isn’ttt my favorite, but I think it’d look great on, and black is pretty much my ‘go to’ color for any occasion.

$50.00 (to rent) @ Rent the Runway

Full price, this dress costs $360.00, but my coworker and friend Kaila turned me on to the website Rent the Runway. Basically, you get to rent a dress for events, so that you don’t pay a ridiculous price. I definitely can’t wait to try it out. And this dress is unlike anything I’ve seen; it’s unique, and adorable, and it might be ‘the one.’

$50.00 (to rent) @ Rent the Runway

Moreee metallics! I love the two tones on this dress. Full price, it’s $348.00, eh, I’ll just rent (;

$36.90 @ Windsor

More gold, duh.

$59.90 @ Windsor

This might be in the top 3. I LOVE this dress, and where better to wear it than in VEGAS?!? Glitter, glitter, glitter!!

Vegas, watch out for ussss; we’re about to take over the strip!