New Jewelry!

by kevenjacobs

So I mentioned in my sister’s birthday post that we both bought jewelry at the Farmer’s Market in downtown Chandler. We found a lot of really cute jewelry stands there, and I thought I’d share them with you!

The first one we came across was where we bought our jewelry, and they call themselves Southwest Designs. Their contact information is, if you’re interested in their jewelry!

These are the earrings my sister bought! They’re copper, dipped in acid, for the turquoise color. I’m in love, and will be borrowing them. The color is amazingggg.

Thissss is the necklace I bought. It’s a blue crystal on an adjustable cord. I’ve been doing a little research on crystal healing after my friend Mara introduced me to some of her crystals and I find the topic to be veryyyy interesting. So when I saw this, naturally, I HAD to buy it. It catches light beautifully, and the rougher edges create rainbows, and it’s just amazing.

According to, the color blue represents youth, spirituality, truth and peace. It makes for a calming energy, something I’m always in need of. And “it allows us to look beyond and increase our perspective outward,” according to the above mentioned site. I loveee that. I definitely notice a more peaceful energy when I wear this necklace, and I’m interested in finding more gems, and making them into jewelry.

We also came across a stand for Uniquely Yours by Stephani, where they make gorgeous custom jewelry. The beads and the craftsmanship of their stuff is amazingggg.

The last stand I stumbled upon was called Jewelry Creations by Penny, and she makes jewelry with Swarovski crystals, and she makes everything from keychains to bracelets to earrings and necklaces. I will be checking back for more 😀