Murad Samples…AKA One Happy Girl

by kevenjacobs

EEE. Okay, so today, I had it written in my planner that we had Murad training at work, from 1-4:30, and I was dreading having to go in at 1 and then work a 9 and a half hour shift. But I went in anywayyyy, and they told me I didn’t even have to be there. Cool.

But Mary Jo did an analysis of my face while I was there (on the clock! Cha Chingggg), and suggested a bunch of products for me! Plus I got free samples, YESSS.

$75.00 @ Murad

$39.50 @ Murad

I’m really excited about this product! It’s like a primer, and sometimes my face has a tendency to get oily throughout the day, so this should be perfect to put on after moisturizing and before my makeup routine!

$31.00 @ Murad

I could alwaysss use a good sunblock, considering my skin is so fair, and prone to sun damage. I also learned today, that just because a sunblock has a higher SPF doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better for your skin. In fact, sunblocks with higher SPF typically have more chemicals, but no more protection than things with lower SPF. So I’m super stoked about this product.

$22.50 @ Murad

Also completely excited about this!! I’m gonna have a spa night tonight when I’m off work. Hot bath, face mask, and a good book! Sounds like a good night to meeee.

$73.00 @ Murad

$40.00 @ Murad

Also anticipating using this product! My oily spots are typically in my “t-zone” which is generally my forehead, nose and chin. This product will reduce the visibility of your pores, keeping your skin oil free, and goes on before you put on your makeup! Can’t WAIT to try it out!

But I’m mosttttt excited about the following two products!:

$28.00 @ Murad

This product is in the men’s line, but women use it to shave as well. I have the world’s most SENSITIVE skin when it comes to shaving, and Mary Jo said this product would show a world of difference after shaving. I will be purchasing a bottle before I leave Massage Envy, to take advantage of my employee discount… hehe.

$67.00 @ Murad

This product is an anti-aging product (did you know that the aging process for your skin starts in your early 20’s?? GET STARTED NOW!!). It will plump up your skin and rehydrate it. And let’s just say I’m ready to get my hands all over this product.

I also wanna point out that these products are a little on the pricey side, but they WORK. And wouldn’t you rather spend your money on something that you LOVE, that works, than trying a bunch of chemical filled, harsh products, that make your skin look dull? You want gorgeous skin, because that trend is ALWAYS in.