Counting Change…

by kevenjacobs

Time for another embarrassing example of my SHOPPING PROBLEM.

Ever had to count quarters, in front of someone because you were so desperate to purchase something? Well this happens to me…pretty regularly. How sad.

Last Thursday, (my journalism teachers would kill me for not writing this sooner, because you’re supposed to keep it timely and relevant…but I don’t even care!) I decided to run my errands, and on my way home I passed Radio Shack.

I looked down at my auxiliary cord, that’s so busted, that when I listen to music from my phone, the sound only comes out of the speakers on one side of the car. It’s excruciating to listen to. Then I looked back at Radio Shack, said “oh what the hell,” and turned on my right hand turn signal.

I pulled in and mentally went through how much money I had to spend… which was ZERO, considering pay day was Friday. But I knew I had $6.00 available credit on my card (the devil on my shoulder said it was okay), and hoped that it would be cheaper than that.

Of course not. I walked in, and mingled around trying to find what I was looking for (while waiting awkwardly for the sales guy to finish up with two other customers). I ended up finding a PINK cord (love pink), but wanted to make sure that was the cheapest option, considering it was like $9 (how sad that I didn’t have enough for even that).

Once the sales guy finished up, I told him my embarrassing situation, and decided to try putting it on my credit card. Declined. Then a lightbulb went off. The total came to like… $i9.78 or something, so I asked the guy if it would be too embarrassing to run to my car, and grab some change from my handy little change collection. He, of course, laughed in my face and told me to get a better job har harrr, but I assured him this was a sign of my shopaholic syndrome taking over.

So I ran to my car and counted exactly $3.78 out of change. Nice. And now the cord’s mine, and I can listen to my music, in both speakers. And life’s gooooood.