Jo Totes

by kevenjacobs

Hello againn!

I’d like to add an item to my never-ending wishlisttt! As I was out and about this weekend, I decided to take my camera out to capture some good times, and hopefully some good outfits. While this wasn’t as successful as I had planned, it will be happening more often, and I realized this weekend, that carting that thing around is QUITE the hassle. Number one, because I’ve lost the lens cap. And number two, it’s HUGE!

It needs a bag of its very own. And my friend, Jillian, turned my on to this brand: Jo Totes.  And I’m completely in love.

Jill owns this bag:

$89.00 @ Jo Totes

$89.00 @ Jo Totes

Freakin’ adorable, right?? I love that it looks like a purse, butttt secretly, it’s a camera bag. That way, you don’t have to lug an old ugly camera bag around looking like a complete psycho.

Thissss is the one I want:

$89.00 @ Jo Totes

Buy it for me, and I’ll love you forever, promiseeee!