It’s the Freakin’ Weekendd….well, not anymore.

by kevenjacobs

Alright, so first off, I’d like to apologize for my unanticipated absence. Let me just say that working 30 hours a week, taking two classes, homework, keeping up with the blog, and maintaining my social life is hard work! I barely have time to sleep.. and I’m ohhhh so tired. Juggling all of those things is definitely taking a toll, however, I feel like it shows great improvement on my part from where I was 6 months ago. Even 3 months ago. So congrats to me!!

But I would like to say I’m sorry; for not keeping up with this. This is my means of letting out my emotional baggage, my stresses, and talking/writing about my passion. I haven’t been spending much lately, which is why I’d like to let you guys into my personal life, and get to know ME.

I’m attempting to save money, and I’m getting better at only buying necessities, however, I’m not making enough to LIVE through two weeks, until my next paycheck. The financial stress is OVERWHELMING, and I’m at my wit’s end. It’s time for a higher paying job. Cross your fingers for me… more on this subject later.

Since I am hoping to let you guys into my personal life, I’d like to tell you a few of the eventful moments of my weekend:

FRIDAY, October 21st:

Friday night, I attended the 21st birthday party of my old friend Kaleb! It was in Tempe, and coming from Chandler, that’s a long drive for me. I don’t always have the time to make it that far, however, it was time to catch up with some old friends.

I went soloooo of course, ’cause that’s how I do. When I got there, I ran into my old friends Jason, Justin L., Ahmed, Mike K., Mikey, Sam, Tom, and Justin R. I wished Kaleb a ‘happy birthday’ and mingled around. Then my coworker/work bestie Joelle and her boyfriend, Justin H. (soooo many J’s) showed up and I was thrilled. I chatted with them, and then more old friends started showing up. Kim got there, then Mara and Lucas, Shannon and her boyfriend, and shortly after, miss Brandi made an appearance as well. Michael J. eventually got off work and joined us (which is a give-in, considering the party was thrown at his house). But eventually 2:00 AM rolled around, AKA my curfew, and I had to part ways with the Tempe gang.

Phew, that’s a long list of names…however, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all my old friends, sharing memories, and laughing at old jokes.

We even took some pictures (or attempted to… I broke out my old Digital SLR, which no one apparently knows how to use, so the focus was off, and almost all the pictures came out blurry, unfortunately).

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SATURDAY, October 22nd:

MY DAY OFF!! (insert sigh of relief here). And much needed. I slept ALL day. Up until 3:00ish… Which is not like me. But it felt SO GOOD. I had things I wanted to take care of, but seriously, I needed a break. I watched movies, laid around on the couch, ateeee, and then took a nap. What a perfect day off. Seriously.

Butttt Sunday morning was back to work, and reality.

Honestly, Sunday really sucked. I worked 8:30-1:30 PM, then went home, did homework, and had to go to a meeting for work at 7:30 PM. That lasted WAY too long. I don’t even wanna talk about it.

Anywhoooo, that was my weekend. Happy Monday everyone!