Retail Therapy, made possible by PAYDAY!

by kevenjacobs

We all know what pay day means… my biweekly trip to Target, and the day I get my nails didd!! And pay day just happened to be on Friday, which happened to follow a horrible day. So I figured it’d be okay for me to spend some of that cashhhh. Retail therapy.

My list included makeup (I was quickly running out, but I didn’t want to run to Sally’s because I was feeling lazy, and in the mood to try something new) and nail polish for my manicureeee. I knew exactly what colors I was looking for, because I had an idea for how I wanted my nails painted.

So here’s what I bought:

$11.99 @ Target

$14.99 @ Target

$8.99 @ Target

This brand caught my attention for some reason… I was drawn to it. So far, I’m really happy with it. I have no complaints! I bought the Lifting & Firming Foundation in New Ivory, the translucent powder, and the blush in Soft Damson.

$7.74 @ Target

$5.84 @ Target

These are products I buy regularly. The Revlon eyeliner is awesome! It’s a pen, but it’s liquid, without being overly liquid-y…. if that makes sense. I buy it in Blackest Black, and it makes winging out my eyeliner a piece of cake… but that’s a secret, so shhh don’t tell. And the mascara is my FAVORITE. It’s L’Oreal Paris, Voluminous Original, in Black. I’m so happy to have a brand new tube, looooove.

$6.49 @ Target

I fell in loveee with this color, Commander in Chic. So I took it and used it with the color Pink Slip, that I also adore! And this is how they turned out:

After spoiling myself, I did feel much better, and am now ready to take on this next week. Hello Mondayyy!