Fallin’ – For Clothes in my own Closet

by kevenjacobs

Hey guys! So I’ve seen a few other bloggers do this, and since I’m completely broke, I wanted to shop around in my own closet (…and my sisters too). I wanted to put together some outfits for fall, without swiping my credit card. So here’s what I came up with! Enjoy!

This first outfit consists of my pleather hoodie, my Guess jeans (the first pair I ever bought), red lipstick, a white tank, a bandanna,  (and even though you can’t see them) my Converse. This is an outfit I’ve already sported with the sudden weather change. I decided to make it a little more pinup-ish with the bandanna and the red lipstick.

Another typical fall day outfit. My Guess jeans again, Converse, a white tank, flannel shirt, and scarf. Love the scarf, by the way. I bought it two years ago at ModCloth, and it’s one of my absolute favorite fall pieces. And since it’s black, it goes with pretty much everythinggg!

These are my sister’s skinny jeans from Guess, teal shirt (also belongs to my baby sister), my moccasins, a white tank, and a pleather jacket. This is my Aztec inspired outfit for fall.

My sister’s skinnies again, paired with a tank, greenish brown jacket (with an adorable polka dot detail on the inside), my moccasins again, and fingerless gloves. I LOVE gloves for cooler seasons. They’re a great way to accessorize, and the detail on these is adorable.

This is a dressier outfit, that I’d probably wear on a night out, with a big jacket. May not be my warmest selection. Consists of my black wedges from Bakers, leopard sweater, black tank, and black skirt.

My all blackkkk outfit! Consists of my black wedges, lace textured tights, black skirt, black tank, and black jacket. Love, love, love. Tights are the greatest thing since sliced bread, I swear.

Those are probably my FAVORITE boots. I got them at Target for like $30… Ridiculous. My sister’s skinnies, a black tank, an oxford, with a black belt, and a black tank. Eassyyyy outfit for fall.

My best friend, Jenn, bought me this outfit. It’s a black long sleeved dress, with my “Be You” sweatshirt over it, paired with my Converse. This sweatshirt is one of my favorites, and I’ve worn it so many times already since the weather’s gotten cooler (FINALLY!!).

Thank you to my baby sister, for taking the pictures, and supplying some articles of clothing ❤