A Tiny Circus, Fabulous Find

by kevenjacobs

Heyyyy all! I’m starting a new category for posts called “Fabulous Finds.” It’ll be anywhere I find deals or cute stuff, that I want to share with ya’ll!

Today’s post is about Brittney Austin, and the handmade accessories she makes for her company called A Tiny Circus.

She got started in making accessories for her daughter, because she had a bald baby head and she wanted to give her some “OOMPH!” So she started making headbands with detachable and interchangeable flowers and bows. But when she realized that being a mom means having no time for her own hair, she started making adult friendly accessories as well.

For now, she makes flower clips, bows, feather headbands, cotton headbands, etc. She makes everything to be versatile enough for girls of all ages. She’s also in the beginning stages of making jewelry and custom tee shirts and onesies. Let’s just say I’m super excited!

She gets her ideas and inspiration from vintage clothing, especially from the 20’s and 40’s. She loves pearls, feathers, roses, and simple cotton prints. Her statement through her accessories is “Feminine and Classy,” which is something I find to go really well with my own personal style.

The name “A Tiny Circus” stems from what she describes as the happy chaos that life brings. I really love the name, because it’s so easy for everyone to relate to; we all have a little bit, or a lotttt, of craziness going on in our lives, so just embrace it for what it is, LIFE.

Brittney’s favorite accessory is the purple feather headband that can be found on her Etsy site, because of its boldness, and because it can give anyone’s boring hair some personality.

Ordering process takes place on her Etsy account as well, which can be found by clicking here. She’s always taking custom orders. She can also be contacted through facebook here.

Here is some of her fabulous work!

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Those were just a few of my favorites, and I’m highly anticipating her new products. Photography by Jillian Bratcher.