Gettin’ crafty

by kevenjacobs

So, (I’ve noticed that starting my posts with “So…” has become a bad habit. This will be changed. Starting next post. Maybe….

Anyway, the other night, I met a friend, Jill, for coffee, and didn’t want to drive all the way home, because I was planning to go to my friend Jeremy’s apartment right after. But there was a gap between leaving Coffee Rush, and heading to Jeremy’s, so I had to kill some time. Which apparently, in my book, equals spend some money.

I had decided that I needed to buy a jar to start a savings fund. I want to save up for a giant shopping spree with that same friend I had coffee (or tea…) with, Jill. I absolutely adore her, and she told me she had some good shopping tips. And I was like “Helloooo, why have you never shared these tips with me before?!?” So… (oops, I did it again…) we decided to save up for a shopping spree, Jill’s way. She’s going to teach me where to buy things, how to save money, and basically teach me how to budget. I’m totally into this idea. She said she gets great deals on clothes, and I’m all for deals!!

Back to the point… I was waiting for Jeremy and decided I’d run somewhere around the mall to find a jar, so that I can start my savings. The first store I saw was Michael’s. The craft store. I could literally get lost in there for hours, I love that place! I figured they HAD to have a jar, and I could personalize it and make it super cute! So I ventured inside…

I spent maybe 45 minutes milling up and down the aisles, trying to find a jar. I didn’t find a jar. But I did find a cute cardboard box, some black acrylic paint, glitter acrylic pain (damn you Martha Stewart!), a wooden heart and some ribbon (which I ended up ditching).

And THIS is what I made:

Total Spent: ~$23.00

Obviously, this was a completely idiotic purchase. Someone whos goal is to SAVE money, should not be SPENDING money in order to do that…. Completely illogical. But I guess it’s my logic… Sigh.

I’m going to cut a hole in the top, and throw in my extra change, those random extra dollars I always find floating around in my purse, and anytime I have a few bucks, I’ll throw that in too.

I’ve also been (attempting to) keep track of my spending habits, so that I can see where my money goes each pay check. And I’ve devised a plan. Breaking down how much money I have and dividing that by the amount of days until my next paycheck so that I can keep track of how much I technically CAN be spending. Now this has helped a lot with charging my credit card, but it has yet to help with my savings. Guess I’ll have to think up another plan for that.