by kevenjacobs

As you all might know, I work part time as a sales associate at Massage Envy. The location I work at is also a spa, which means we do massages AND facials. Our skin care line, Murad, is amazingggg, so I thought I’d share it with you guys.

My skin is mostly on the normal side, except it’s very sensitive. I have a hard time finding products that aren’t too harsh, because my skin gets irritated very easily. But I love Murad. I’ve been using samples of some of the products, and they are fantastic.

The goal behind Murad products is to rebuild damaged cells. Hydration is important in taking care of your skin, but if you have damaged cells, they’re not going to retain water, which means those eight glasses of water you’re drinking daily (or the one glass that I drink) is not doing much for your skin.

There’s a product, or line of products for everyone, and it’s about customization. Using products that target your skin care concerns, for a flawless face.

I used the online evaluation, located on their website under the “What’s Right for Me?” tab, and determined these are the products for me:

$99.90 @ Murad

They recommended the redness therapy regimen, which consists of the cleanser, the treatment gel, and moisturizer with SPF. I haven’t used these products yet, but once I get paid, I might invest. It’s a pretty good deal, for three good sized products. Also, their products last for a while, if you use them correctly. Since my face is so red all the time, I think this would really help my areas of concern.

$24.00 @ Murad

I also liked the idea of this product. They suggested it to reduce the size of my pores, on my nose and chin. It’s supposed to tighten pores, and minimize skin impurities. I’m all for trying it out!

$35.00 @ Murad

They also have a men’s care line! This product wasn’t suggested for me, but I’ve been eying it at work. Like I mentioned before, I have the world’s most sensitive skin, and not just on my face. When I shave my legs, I get horrible razor burn, especially in the hot Arizona summers, as a result from sweating. It’s definitely not attractive, but I’m interested in trying this product, because it’s supposed to take care of razor burn. It’s probably pretty gentle, because it’s made for men’s faces. But I’ve had customers that are women purchase this product and assure me it works. Next paycheck…

Murad also has a skincare blog, which can be found here: Click