by kevenjacobs

A lot of my friends say I have my own “scent.” I’m not really sure what this consists of; probably something like shampoo, hairspray, cigarettes and perfume… It doesn’t sound like it’d smell good, but I promise, I always smell good (p.s. you may have noticed I mentioned cigarettes; I have yet to quit, and obviously broke my promise. Sigh…).

I have a few perfumes that I loooove. And a new bottle of perfume is definitely on my “to buy” list.

$37.09 @ Target

This is my number one FAVORITE perfume right now. I bought the bottle at Target, but it was so freaking tiny, so I ran out really quick. I plan on investing in a larger size this time, because I love love love this scent.

$68.00 @ Nordstrom

I also love this fragrance, Chance by Chanel. My ex-boyfriend bought it for me a while back, and I just recently finished the bottle. I miss it. I really like wearing this scent for going out, it smells a little fancier, if you know what I meannn.

$62.00 @ Nordstrom

This is another favorite scent. My best friend bought this for me for Christmas one year, and I used it all up super fast. It’s very casual, and light. It’s not too girly or flowery or overpowering which I like… I like to have just a hint of scent, versus walking into a room followed by a cloud of heavy perfume. Not my thingggg.