Holy Halloween!

by kevenjacobs

I can’t believe September’s almost over, and Halloween is right around the corner… How the heck did this month fly by so quickly!? Normally, I plan veryyy far in advance for Halloween, because it’s one of my favorite holidays and I love to have an original costume.

However, this year, it’s kind of sneaking up on me! And I’m at a loss for ideas…

When I went to the bank yesterday (to cash my paycheck yayyy!), I noticed that where an old Basha’s used to be, they put in a Spirit Halloween Store. My friend D.J. and I have been talking about going costume shopping, so when I saw it, I was PUMPED! I just got paid, and was ready to blow my check on a completely overpriced, cheaply made costume ASAP. So I picked D.J. up and we headed over to Spirit.

We walked in, and I had done a lot of online shopping and brainstorming costume ideas, but I ended up being really disappointed in the selection of costumes… I had found a lot more online, and all the costumes were so cliche. Not to mention, the names of the costumes are SO degrading these days… “Pocahottie?” Really?

I have been thinking of ideas for dark haired costumes, and came up with the following:

-Michael Jackson

-Amy Winehouse

-Edward Scissorhands


-Wednesday Addams

-Queen of Hearts

-Snow White


So, you could say I knew what I was looking for. And, of course, they didn’t have it. I found a few options I was interested in, but nothing that I HAD to have.

$54.99 @ Spirit

$49.99 @ Spirit

$49.99 @ Spirit

$49.99 @ Spirit

So for most of these, I liked the idea better than the costume itself. And I pretty much decided I’m going to put together my own costume. Or go back and try on one of the lame ones… Maybe they’ll look better on, but my problem is, I’m tiny. Most of these are made for women with curves, who actually have boobs. So I’m gonna buy a costume that doesn’t fit, that’s overpriced, cheaply made, and that I’m going to wear for one night? Nahhh. I can make a better one.