Gettin’ personal

by kevenjacobs

Alright guys, enough with the wishlists. Things are about to get personal. WARNING: if you have a weak stomach, or don’t enjoy watching people self destruct, this post may not be for you.

And Mom &Dad, if you’re reading, and you don’t think you can handle this, navigate away from this page, NOW.

As I mentioned previously, I’m a shopaholic. I have a MAJOR spending problem. It’s no one’s fault but my own. (Mom and Dad, please brace yourselves…) I just got paid last Friday, a smaller check than I had hoped for. My check was around $315 (training hours… awesome. NOT) and I’ve already spent the majority of that check. I have $50.00 until next Friday. Holy crap, that just sank in. I have no idea how I’m about to pull this one off.

(By the way, Mom and Dad, next check I will pay you for my cell phone and car insurance, I promise).

“How did I put myself in this position?” you ask. Well seeeee, what happened was:

Monday night, I was hanging out with some friends, and my bestttt friend, Jenn. We were discussing the blog, and some new ideas for posts, when Jenn decided that she HAD to do my hair the following day. I told her I didn’t have the money, but she told me that we’d make it work. So we headed home, and went to sleep.

Tuesday, we woke up around 10, and went to the gym. After the gym, we had to go pick up color. She wanted to go to Comsoprof, so that we could get a certain brand of color. Here’s where the trouble started.

We arrived at Cosmoprof, walked in, and went directly to find the color. Once we got that, I wanted to take a look around, and see if they had some feather hair clips…. BAD IDEA.

We strolled over to the section where they keep shampoo and conditioner, other hair products, and nail products…. I lost it.

First, she suggested that I invest in some color safe shampoo and conditioner. I agreed, since my hair has a life of its own and a tendency to pull red tones. I DO NOT WANT RED HAIR, but it looks like I’ll just have to accept it. So I bought Bed Head by TIGI Color Goddess Shampoo and Conditioner.

$19.74 @ Cosmoprof

It smells amazing, by the way. I used it yesterday, and it was definitely a good purchase… in my sick and twisted opinion.

Then, I remembered I’m quickly running out of hairspray. I use A LOT of hairspray. I usually keep a second bottle in my purse. It’s a little obsessive. But I decided it was absolutely necessary to buy a new bottle while I was at Cosmoprof, because of their insanely cheap prices. MISTAKE NUMBER 2!!!

I ended up comparing prices, different levels of hold (light/heavy), and decided on Osis+ Freeze Fix, a brand I’d never tried before. Now that I’ve used it, I love it!! I highly recommend it, if you’re looking for a stronger holding hair spray. Plus it has a cool container… always good!

$10.50 @ Cosmoprof

This should have been my last purchase, but, of course, it wasn’t. As we finished testing hair sprays, we turned around to find the nail polish displays. Ugh. I’m a sucker for those. All the colors draw me in. We spent a good 20 minutes testing colors. It got to be a little ridiculous. I came across one color in particular that drew my attention. Normally, I stick to shades of pink and red, because for some reason I’ve always felt that other shades look completely unnatural and sort of remind me of alien hands…don’t ask. But I found “Turned Up Turquoise (Neon)” by China Glaze sort of interesting. Jenn encouraged me to make it mine, and try something new. So I took the chance… yet ANOTHER mistake.

$3.50 @ Cosmoprof

I’m excited to try it out. However, as I sit here shaking my head, I’m thinking none of these were necessary purchases. I really DO have a problem. My total spent at Cosmoprof was $52.57. WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING??? I have major issues, I swear. But it’s the first time I’d been “shopping” in a while… I was just itching to throw away some money.

Sigh. So, as we drove away, Jenn and I had an intervention. I’m spending all my money, not saving any of it. AND I’m in debt…. I need to change my habits. So we were listing all the unnecessary purchases I make. Let’s start with NUMBER ONE!

Cigarettes. On average, I smoke about a pack a day. When I’m stressed, it gets worse. I’ve been smoking for about a year and a half now, and I would NEVER encourage anyone to get started on this NASTY horrible habit. I feel like crap, and they’re gross. But they’re a major stress reliever.

Let’s do the math: If I’m smoking a pack a day, I’m spending about $8.00 every day. So that means I’m spending $56.00 a week to keep up with this disgusting habit. RIDICCC.

So..Jenn and I decided to quit. I’m doing it cold turkey. We divided up our packs, and as of now I have 4 cigarettes left, and then I’m done. Over it. But this is going to be hard. So wish me luck. It’s time.

I’m about to go smoke one of those, right now. Three left. Watch out for me; I’m about to go crazy for a few days.


OH YEAH! And stay tuned: I have pictures coming soon of my new hair!