Marc Jacobs…I'm in love.

by kevenjacobs

If only I was rich….

The other night, I was over at my best friends house after work. She recently purchased a Mac (I was so excited for her!!), and I wanted to use her new computer. She told me it was sitting on the table, “in the black case.” Before I saw it, these words meant nothing to me. Maybe it was because she didn’t say “the cutest Marc Jacobs laptop case you’ve ever seen!” that I was not prepared for what I was about to see. So I shuffled my way into the kitchen. And then…. I saw it. I think I may have started drooling. There on the counter, was the most beautiful laptop case I’ve ever laid my eyes on:


$128.00 @ Nordstrom

Now, I’ve obviously seen Marc Jacobs products before. However, I’ve never felt the way I did about this specific one about anything else. I purchased a pair of sunglasses by Marc Jacobs once, but the love I felt for them was nothing compared to this.

So this laptop case inspired me to look into what other things this genius designer has been putting out. I decided at that point that it was time for me to invest in a Marc Jacobs handbag. And some other things….. Take a look:

$198.00 @ Nordstrom

Uh…. this goes without saying (but I guess I’m gonna say it anyway) this bag is PERFECT for me. It’s black (my all time favorite color), and it’s BIG! (which is a must, considering I basically keep my life in my purse….). This bag is DEFINITELY on my wish list. I found more too, don’t even worry!!:

$188.00 @ Nordstrom

Between the two, I think I like the second better… but it’s a hard choice. The second also has a larger version available for $208.00 @ Nordstrom.. I think I’m going to make it mine. When I have the extra cash of course…

I also decided I must own some of his fashion jewelry. SO CUTE!

$58.00 @ Nordstrom

One word: LOVE. Please buy it for me (:

$48.00 @ Nordstrom

I also adoreee these. I love the simple elegance of them.

$178.00 @ Nordstrom

I’m normally not much of a gold fan, but I would wear this necklace literally all the time. It’s beautiful. It should be for the price..jeezzzz.

As you can see, I’m now obsessed with Marc Jacobs. I plan on starting a jar to save for a handbag. CAN’T EVEN WAIT.