Countdown to pay day!!

by kevenjacobs

Thank God tomorrow’s Friday…. and PAY DAY!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this day basically since I last got paid. HA! I’ve been doing some online “window shopping,” since I’ve been broke.

Let’s just say I know where my first stop is tomorrow morning (after the bank, of course, to cash my check)…. FOREVER 21. Look outttt for me, I’m about to go crazy. I’m desperately in need of new clothes. Holyyyy cow. But I’m going to (try to) control myself, considering I really should be saving my money, or putting it towards my credit card. Which I will…maybe. Just kidding. (:

So anywhooooo, I’ve been browsing through… And found a few things:

$17.80 @ Forever21

I loveedddd this. I’m all about comfortable, and casual, while still showing off that something different. That something different really makes your style personal, and represent YOU.

$15.80 @ Forever21

This is also veryyy me. While it’s still freaking 115 degrees outside, I’d like to purchase something like this for when it gets a little cooler. I LOVE the color gray. Gray/grey. <—funny word. For some reason I always gravitate towards black, white and gray clothing… I need a little color in my life.

$5.80 @ Forever21

So, for the most part, I don’t wear a ton of accessories. I like to keep it simple. But lately, I’ve been buying more bracelets, and earrings, just to spice it up sometimes. And this bracelet is freakin’ adorable.

$32.80 @ Forever21

I’ve also wanted a blazer for a while now… And I love this one, however, I’m not sure I could rock the cream without getting it dirty! I’ll just have to be careful. I love the details on this, like the striped trim. I also love that it’s only $30, uhmmm yessss please!

That’s my little shopping list… Although I’m sure if I actually go to Forever21, I’ll find about a billion things I love. Someone better come shopping with me, or I might get myself into trouble… (;