Perfect example of why I’m BROKE.

by kevenjacobs

A couple weeks ago, I went to happy hour at Ra Sushi with a friend of mine. We were chatting away when our waitress came up to take our order, and we noticed her adorable nails. I freaked. She told us that she got them done for her trip to Vegas. They were bright, and funky, and each nail was different. I fell in LOVE.

I decided to switch it up. I normally get the same color every time I go, which is like “Pompeii Purple” by OPI. Boring, right? So I wanted to have some fun. Here’s how mine turned out:

(please excuse the lameness of my camera phone….) But I thought they turned out super cute. However, they cost me $50, when normally it’s more like $30. Super fail, considering I have $3 until Friday… ugh, ridiculous.