"Oniomania?"… I like "shopaholic" better

by kevenjacobs

So, I was doing some research… (you’ll hear this a lot) and I found an article about shopping addiction! It’s a real thing… who knew??

Shopping addict?

Honestly, I don’t think my problem is THAT bad… but it was interesting to read.

***Something ya’ll should know about me: I have horrible problems with anxiety. Normally, I keep that very private, but I found it interesting that anxiety was mentioned in the above article… I frequently use shopping as a “therapeutic experience” as do a lot of girls I know. But since I’m literally always stressing over something, I made shopping my way of handling that stress. BIG MISTAKE.

All this did was cause more problems … hint, hint: massive credit card debt. So this led to more stress, and more stress relief shopping….vicious cycle.

And just like the article mentioned, I can literally buy anything and feel a sense of relief. I could go to the grocery store and spend $50 on stupid crap that I don’t even need, and feel that relief wash over me…pathetic.

Lately, it’s been getting better. But I sort of HAD to make it better. I went over my credit limit, and since I’m paying that off, I have no extra cash. So I literally cannot spend the way I was. I’m going through crazy withdrawals. I want new clothes SO bad.

Anywhooo, just though I’d share that article to give you guys a sense of how crazy I really am!